Land Use Update

The Pike San Isabel Travel Management Process is getting ready to release their Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) on August 10th. This document will show the Forest Services' preferred option for what roads they intend to keep open and what roads are in danger of closure. Up to 20% of the current trails we love could be closed! 

What do we do? To start, we need to know how to comment on this plan when it is released and when public commenting opens. Your comments are extremely powerful and can help shape the final descision. Do you know how to comment or how they will use your comments? 

Watch the video to gain valuable insight into this process. Then continue to follow our feeds and when the DEIS is released we will let you know what trails are in danger and how you should comment. 

Don't assume someone else will do something, watch the video and be prepared to comment when the time comes. It is vital we all take this seriously and we MUST make our feelings known. Together we can keeptrailsopen!!! 

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